ICF Symposium and Workshop 2019


ICF Symposium and Workshop on Confocal Microscopy 2019

Symposium, December 5, 2019
Workshop, December 9 – 11, 2019

Dear colleagues,

thank you for your interest and ethusiasm in microscopy
and imaging. On behalf of the Imaging Core Facility Staff
and Administration, it is my pleasure to announce the start
of our Microscopy Symposia and Microscopy Workshops.
The goal of our Symposia and Workshops is to present
modern optical and imaging techniques to our
multi-disciplinary audience of medical and biomedical
scientists at the University Medical Center Mainz Campus
and beyond.
On December 5, we have two internationally renowned
speakers, Prof. Dr. Jacob Piehler (Osnabrück) and Prof. Dr.
Petra Knaus (Berlin) - who will tell us about their
investigations of receptor signaling with some unique
microscopic methods. The symposium will take place
during mid-day with a light lunch provided.
From December 9 to 11, we will hold "hands-on" confocal
microscopy workshop that will take place at our facility in
small groups in half day sessions.
Please register on our website
for your participation.
We look forward to seeing you on out symposium and/or
Gregory S. Harms, Ph.D., Director ICF

Get the Flyer for the symposium and the Workshop here